Computer Diagnostics

Malware, Virus/ Trojan Removal

PC Hardware Repair

Laptop Screen Replacement

Charging Port Replacement

Software Repair

Wipe Hard Drive

Build and Install

Operating System Installation

Memory Upgrades

Hardware Upgrades

Software Upgrades

Monitor Repair

Tablet Screen replacement

Keyboard repair

Macbook Pro repair

Ipad Screen Replacement

Macbook Mini repair

  • ​Computer Repair Services

Lone Wolf Computer Repair

Email Set up

Wireless Networking

Data Transfer

Printers and Other Devices

Home and Business Service Calls

​PC Set ups in your home

​Set Up Structures

Optimization packages

Optimize Start Up

Update Drivers

Check Health of Hard Drive and Defragmentation

Delete Outdated Software

Update Drivers

Virus Scans and Cleaning

Create Windows Recovery Disk

Back Up Personal Data to DVD/Flash Drive

​Anti Virus/Security Implementation

​Computer Health Services


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